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Video of Whisky Powered Car on Islay

I have a great video for you today, created by Nissan UK. The video shows the new Nissan LEAF, a 100% electric car which is now in use at Bruichladdich Distillery. This car runs on electricity which is generated by biogas formed by a process called anaerobic digestion, which was installed earlier this year. Mark Reynier said: "The LEAF is fantastic to drive. It was frustrating to be making such strides in being self-sufficient, when my car still needed the most expensive diesel in the UK from the mainland. The arrival of the LEAF has allowed me to be as truly self-sufficient as possible." The video shows some beautiful scenes of Islay and Bruichladdich distillery and has interviews with both Mark Reynier and Jim McEwan. Very much worth looking so enjoy!

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