Al Jazeera Video of Islay Tidal Energy Project

I was going to post some Islay nostalgia tonight but decided to let it rest for another week. After the ferry names post, ferry ports report and the incredibly stupid decision made by the Bank of Scotland to withdraw their business consultant, it's time to put Islay in a green spotlight. Why? Well it doesn't happen every day that one of the biggest news stations on the globe send a reporter all the way to Islay to see what is happening in the Sound of Islay. Al Jazeera, the Qatar based news station, sent Tim Friend to Islay to check out on the sea turbine tidal energy project. A very exciting, promosing and unique project, it's the first of its kind in the world. You can see for yourself in the video below what is about to happen in the Sound of Islay.

For the latest news on the tidal energy project check out the regularly updated and very comprehensive Islay Energy Trust Blog

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