Updates on Islay Info

In the last days I've changed the Islay Info website somewhat. No dramatic overhauls but I decided it was time for a spring clean, time for less clutter and for a cleaner design. A lot of unnecessary items have been removed or replaced, the background, top menu bar and text colours have been changed and on top of all that I've included a nice rotating image gallery with 19 pictures that show some of the best Islay has to offer. You're invited to have a look at Islay Info, suggestions are always welcome.

This is not the only news, as of today the Islay Pictures Blog will see more frequent updates and I've started this morning with an image of the Caol Ila Still Room and a smashing picture of Ardnave Cross

There is also news from the Social Media front. Several years ago the life of a webmaster was relatively simple, create a website, maintain it, post interesting stuff on a blog and that was basically it. Now with all the new Social Media I find myself sometimes spending more time on Facebook and Twitter than I do on the website itself. And on top of all that there is now Google+ as well. This means that most updates on the site and blog are now posted on Google+ as well. My idea is that I try to post on as many channels as possible to make sure everyone can use their own means of staying up to date, that's why you can also find Islay Info in Google Play. Busy times indeed, but fun! I hope you will enjoy the site and everything that goes with it.

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