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Updated Walks Pages on Islay Info

When we completed a series of walks on Islay a few weeks ago I finally had enough pictures and hands on information to complete a section of the website which was very much out-of-date, the walks section. Up until yesterday the walks page was what it says, one page, with rough descriptions and some pictures. In the last weeks I've been working hard to create individual pages for 17 walks so far which are accesible from the main Islay walks page. Each walk now has clear directions on where to start, a map of the area and detailed instructions on how to complete the walk. I've also graded the walks, from easy to strenuous and pointed out the wildlife you can see.

Since many families visit the island, or have plans to visit Islay in the future, we have tested fifteen out of seventeen walks ourselves with our 4yr old daughter. This gave us a good indication whether it was possible for families with young children to do these walks themselves. We understand that each kid is different but the walks that are marked "Ok for Children" are both interesting from a nature and wildlife point of view but they also present many challenges for the younger ones as well. Picknicks, flying a kite, playing on the beach, identifying trees and birds and beachcombing all add to the pleasure.

You are hereby invited to check out the new walks page with access to the 17 walks. If you want to share a walk that isn't listed yet then please contact me. Thank you!

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