Update on Port Ellen Pier Reconstruction

The Argyll and Bute Council issued a press release today about the status of the pier reconstruction in Port Ellen: "Dredging works within the inner and outer harbours will be commencing 8th February 2012 and will continue for approximately 1 month. Immediately thereafter, rock armour will be placed within some of the dredged areas and this work is estimated to continue for a further period of approximately 1 month. Both operations will involve a number of vessels manoeuvring around the inner and outer harbour. All vessels will display appropriate navigation lights and marks at all times.

"In addition, works to complete sheet piling around the new pier, which are being undertaken from land, will require the pier head navigation light to be moved (both in plan position and elevation) during the next phases of construction works. The position will remain within 10 metres of the published position (55°37.605’N 006°11.444’W) and the contractor will ensure it is visible at all times. It is expected that the construction works will be advanced enough by mid-March 2012 to enable a new navigation light to be permanently installed, at which time a further press release will be issued.

"The main pier will remain closed to all vessels for the duration of the works. The fish quays will remain open for the duration of the works and safe navigational passage will be maintained at all times for all commercial and recreational users of the inner harbour at Port Ellen. All harbour users are advised to navigate with care at all times."

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