Update on Gartbreck Distillery May 2015

So what's happening at the site of Gartbreck Distillery you might wonder? After all, the distillery was supposed to open early 2016. During my visit in March 2015 there were no big changes to be seen. However, living across the loch from Gartbreck, we noticed some changes several weeks back. Suddenly the outbuildings were vanished and the view of Gartbreck had changed completely. So before we drove off to Ardbeg Distillery open day yesterday I made a detour to Gartbreck to see for myself what had happened. As you can see in the pictures below all the outbuildings are now gone and all that is left is the farmhouse. This will probably mean that work on the new Gartbreck Distillery will start very soon as was stated on their Facebook page: "Building work is due to start later this year during the second semester with a view to start production by end of 2016 or beginning of 2017."

Below are two images, one before and one after the demolition of the outbuildings. There is also a panorama which includes a link to a high res panorama of the entire Gartbreck site.

Gartbreck site in March 2015

Gartbreck site on 30th of May 2015

Click on the image for the full sized panorama

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