Update on the Current Hot Weather

The unusual cold spring has long been forgotten now that the weather has turned for the better and according to BBC Weather the temperatures may well go up even further in the next week. A quote from their website:

The north-west of England and the western fringes of Scotland look set to be the warmest parts of the country on Saturday as the heatwave continues. Temperatures could hit 30C (86F) along the west of Great Britain, but cooler and cloudier weather is expected on much of the east coast. Next week temperatures could get up to the mid-30s, BBC Weather predicted.

The outlook for Sunday: Overnight mist and low cloud across the east soon dispersing to leave another dry, sunny and hot day, again warmest towards the west. Monday to Wednesday: The dry, warm and very sunny weather will continue through Monday and Tuesday. Cloudier and humid on Wednesday with a chance of thundery showers. Long may it last!

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