United Auctions Corporate Video

Just after you leave Bridgend and travel towards Bruichladdich you see the building on the left of United Auctions. It's here where regular cattle and sheep auctions take place on Islay. I've heard from Donald Fletcher that this is always a "nice day out" for the Islay farmers, especially when the prices for sheep and cattle are good. I haven't witnessed one of these auctions myself but I will try to go there next time when I'm on Islay. These auctions are organised by "United Auctions", they are "Scotland's Leading Livestock Auctioneers and Procurement Specialists and operate a network of different auction marts throughout Scotland. Including Stirling, Huntly, Lairg, Islay, Dalmally & Western Isles, providing auctions and pedigree bull sales. The origins of the business relate back to the latter part of the nineteenth century when it began as a farmers co-operative." The reason for this post is that I found a new corporate video today about United Auctions which is very much worth watching.

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