Two Interesting Islay Articles

The Ecologist published an interesting article on the 12th of November titled "Whisky and waves: the future of Scottish isle's power?" The Ecologist writes that the communities on the Isle of Islay are moving forward with plans for tidal energy and renewable fuels while maintaining age old methods of agriculture and whisky distilling.

In their article they mention the slow pace of island life and the fact that car drivers wave at each other: "Drivers wave as you pass them on the narrow roads. It‘s disconcerting at first: how can they ALL know you? Perhaps they think you're someone else - perhaps someone famous! In fact, it's simply what these 3,000+ friendly and open islanders do - wave at each other and, while you're on the island, they wave at you too. You become, temporarily, part of the island's community." After going into more detail about the distilleries on the island and the future tidal power they end with the paragraph: "Modern technology and tradition combine harmoniously on Islay; back on the mainland, the magic of Islay's community based environmental uniqueness fades away. The air no longer smells of peat, the pace is faster - and I've got to stop waving at everyone!" A really nice article and I can recommend reading the full story on their website. Continue reading....

The second article is a blog post written by Phil Brown from Badger Bushcraft, or should I say an ode to Jeremy Hastings instead of blog post. Phil writes about an expedition with Jeremy Hastings of Islay Birding and how that event changed his life: "I was very fortunate to spend some time on Islay in 2007 where I shared a journey with Jeremy on an expedition discovering the wild places on the island and being at one with The Nature. Without rambling on too much the time on Islay changed my life. This has had a tremendously positive effect on not just me but also but my family and closest of friends. I endeavor to pass on this experience and share this magick with those that I work with as it only takes the smallest of sparks to ignite the tinder of our innermost being so that we might view the world with a new focus to our eyes and fire in our hearts." Very nice words and you can find the rest of the article on Phil's blog

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