Trinity Temple - The Islay and North Uist Connection

I've been working like crazy in the last weeks to create all the travel reports from our latest Scotland in a Motorhome Trip, hence the relative silence here on this blog. It was an immense task, not only to get everything written down and to resize all the pictures in their desired size, but also not to get distracted too much when looking at the 4,000 pictures I took. Below is the result of my hard labour and while writing the reports I was reminded of something very interesting, an ancient connection between Islay and North Uist, more about that after the links to the travel reports and pictures:

Trinity Temple in North Uist

Now back to the Uist Connection. I was walking around the settlement of Carinish in the Southern part of North Uist when I noticed the local hotel was called the "Temple View Hotel". After a good look around I discovered why the hotel was called that way. I saw a ruined structure on a hill in the distance and decided to go there for a closer inspection. When I came closer the ruined structure reminded me somewhat of the ruins at Finlaggan on Islay and, not knowing this in advance, quite to my surprise I found a plaque with a direct connection to The Lords of Isles on Islay. The writings on the plaque are as follows: Continue reading....

Teampull na Trianaid - Trinity Temple
Medieval Monastery and College of European significance, founded by Beathag daughter of Somhairle (Somerled). Enlarged about 1350 to 1390 by Amie Nic Ruari, first wife of John, Lord of the Isles. Reconstructed in the 16th century. Destroyed after the reformation. Later restored in the 19th century by Dotair Ban.

Another View of the Trinity Temple in North Uist

Now here is the Islay connection. It was nice to be reminded to Islay so far from home and as you can see from the pictures, the buildings do resemble the ruins of Finlaggan quite a bit.

Interior View of the Trinity Temple in North Uist

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