Timeshare Islay Hotel Port Ellen

There hasn't been much news about the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen while construction is making good progress as you can see from the image. Roland sent out a mailing today with a proposal to timeshare’ a Penthouse flat within the new Islay Hotel in Port Ellen.

Roland: We would offer 30 people this opportunity. You would commit to the same week every year for 5 years, choosing your weeks between April and October. If for any reason you couldn’t use your week, you could offer it to friends or exchange your week with other ‘owners’. You could choose to buy more than one week or you could share the 5 years with friends or family each taking it in turns and sharing the cost. As a further option, the hotel could rent your week for you. We want to offer as much flexibility as possible. Continue reading

This modern penthouse flat comprises a large bedroom and bathroom, a sitting room and small kitchen. The flat will sleep 4. There are lovely views over Port Ellen Bay to the rear and over the roof tops to the hills at the front. The flat has a separate entrance from the main hotel, but you would have easy access to the hotel and its facilities. We are proposing that the months of April, September and October will cost £470.00 per week (£400 + VAT @17.5%) and the months of May till August will cost £564.00 per week (£480.00 + VAT @ 17.5%). This price would include cleaning the flat and changing linen each Saturday between departures and arrivals.

The total cost to buy a week for 5 years - April, September, October would be £2,350 (£2,000 + VAT @ 17.5%). The total cost to buy a week for 5 years May till August would be £2,820 ( £2,400 + VAT @ 17.5%). At present this is a proposal. We will go ahead if we have positive feedback. Please consider the following questions when you reply and add any comments.
1. Would you be interested?
2. Do you know anyone who might be interested? (Please forward this link).
3. Would you like us to contact you again if we go ahead with the Penthouse.

For more information and to show your interest you can email Roland at roland@portellenhotel.co.uk

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