Video: The Time Team on Islay

Years ago I watched the Time Team frequently and also saw the episode from Islay on television. Now I believe I might have seen this video before online, or even posted it here on my blog, but I'm not sure. Anyway, today a new version popped up on Youtube. I'm not sure if and how long the video will stay there simply because I don't think the person who uploaded these videos holds the copyright. But for now most of us can enjoy this very interesting 45 minutes of video.

"The Time Team have just three days to investigate a site in the remote Western Isles of Scotland. On Islay, home to some or the finest malt whiskies, the team join a dig that is running out of time. Battling against the elements they try to crack the mysteries of the Lord of the Isles - where were these 13th Century Kings crowned and how did they live?" Enjoy!

Direct link to video on Youtube

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