The Three Isles Classic Pillage

The Lagavulin Fundraisers have announced their latest (last?) ambitious fund raising extravaganza - ‘The Three Isles Classic Pillage 2010’. The proposal is to plunder whisky from three different islands and then marry them together to produce 200 bottles which will be auctioned to raise money for charity. After pillaging the first whisky from Tobermory Distillery on Mull, three skiffs will set out and sail/row (whatever it takes) to Jura Distillery at Craighouse, from where they will head round to Ardbeg - pillaging more for their precious cargo as they go.

Kevin and Marjorie are adamant that this will be their last Pillage and it will take place over the 8th, 9th, and 10th August 2010. The three skiffs will be towed by the support boats up to Tobermory on Sunday 8th August and are scheduled to leave under sail at 02:00hrs in the morning to catch the tide. Weather and wind permitting, it is hoped to sail as much as possible, but there will be a team of rowers for each skiff in attendance on the support boats should they be needed. Continue reading...

Their first destination will be Jura Distillery at Craighouse where they are hoping to arrive during the evening of Monday 9th August. After a spot of Pillaging (and hopefully a wee sleep under canvas in the bottom of the boats) they will catch the morning tide and head for Ardbeg for the final Pillage and a well earned rest. The whisky gathered from the three distilleries will rest at Lagavulin until bottling early in 2011. It is anticipated that only 200 bottles will be produced with delivery of bottles in June or July 2011. Allocation will be as per previous Pillages - via bids - which this time round we will be able to place online. will be active by the end of June 2011 where a bid form can be downloaded. Bids will be accepted until the end of December 2010.

picture: Lagavulin Fundraisers crew Ross, Ruaridh, John & Alec, rounding the Oa in their skiff ISIS during the last Pillage Malt in 2007.

This story was published with kind permission of the Ileach local newspaper.

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