Ardbeg by an Ardnut

It's incredible what whisky can do to people, it can, occasionally, bring out the worst in people when they have to much of it but many more times it brings out the best in people. There are many whisky enthusiasts in the world and Islay sees thousands of them arriving on ferries and planes each year. People who appreciate and recognise the unique quality of an Islay dram and sometimes travel thousands of miles to see the island where their favorite dram is made and to meet the people who make it. It's like a sort of pilgrimage and the reason for many people to fall in love with the island and its people.

My acquintance with Islay started in a similar way so I know how it feels. I also know how sad you can feel when your pleasant stay on Islay is over and you head home. The first thing you are likely to do is to plan a return visit, now that makes you feel a lot better but how do you kill the time in between? One suggestion can be to visit one of the many Islay websites regularly or to create one yourself. And what if you haven't visited the island at all? No problem. Tim Puett who lives in the US never visited Islay (yet), but managed to create a fabulous website about Ardbeg. Tim classifies himself as an Ardnut, a nice find and very explainable when you read on. Tim is nuts about Ardbeg and he has the site to prove it. I found his site somewhere in June last year and I wanted to write about it ever since and somehow I kept postponing it. In the meanwhile his site has grown rapidly and it's time to tell you about his project, the Ardbeg Project. Continue reading.....

Now I can tell you what this project is all about but I think it's better when you hear it from Tim: "The Ardbeg Project (TAP) is a private endeavour with no affiliation or ties to the Ardbeg Distillery, Glenmorangie plc or LVMH. This is the creation, by a whisky enthusiast, of a comprehensive list for all Single Malt Whisky ever produced from the Ardbeg Distillery. The primary objective would entail creating a system to catalog all Standard Expressions, Vintages, Single Casks, Committee, Feis Ile, Special, Limited, "One-off" or "Serendipitous" Releases ever originally bottled (OB) by Ardbeg." A look at Tim's website explains what a giant task he gave himself and already many sections of his website are filled with lots and lots of interesting Ardbeg details and other bits of information and he even has included an Ardbeg song. I can highly recommend a visit to Tim's Ardbeg Project and while you're browsing through his site have a look at the Ardnuts section, you can discover some more interesting Ardbeg sites there as well including Gordon's Spirit of Islay

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