Thank You and a Happy New Year

Looking back is what most people do on the last day of the year, me included, although I'd like to keep it short and stick to the Islay Info website and blog.

Social Media
What struck me in the last year was the huge increase in the use of Social Media, it seems that almost everyone is using Facebook these days and if they don't, you can find people or organisations/businesses on Twitter or Google+. The latter by the way is becoming increasingly popular and of course you can find us there as well, just visit and follow us there. Just before Christmas this year our Facebook page reached 8,000 likes.

New pages
This past year I have tried to emphasise on Islay being a great destination for families and not just for the whisky aficionados. Often I have received emails from whisky tourists who asked me what the island had to offer for their wives and kids if they would come over together. Well plenty of course, just have a look at the Activities Page and find out for yourself. Related to this I have finally completed a new walks section on the website and included fifteen walks, most of them suitable for families with kids, and tested by us with our four year old daughter, much to our pleasure I might add! And if walking is not your thing why not take the car or bike for a tour over Islay's many beautiful roads? Have a look at our five suggestions for a beautiful bike or car tour

A record number of Visitors
I won't tire you with an extensive list of website stats but I believe it is worth mentioning that 2013 was a record year, visitor wise that is. Well over 800,000 distinct visitors visited the site almost 2 million times! And together they have viewed a staggering 7 million pages!!

Thank You
I would like to thank each and everyone of you very much for visiting Islay Info, for your kind words, for all the emails, the pictures, texts for the blog, kind comments etc. etc. They mean more to me than you can imagine. I will do my very best to keep up the work on the site, post many pictures, blog as much as I can and send out newsletters, and while doing so hopefully contribute to your upcoming Islay trip in the best possible way.

We are looking forward to seeing you back in 2014.
Happy New Year