Introducing Teresa Morris of Islay Wildscapes

Take Islay's diverse Wildlife and combine that with Islay's stunning landscape. What you get is Islay Wildscapes, a great combination for a beautiful new Islay website. You won't find the usual tourist information on this website but the owner, Teresa Morris, has set her focus on the biodiversity of the island and shows it through her stunning photography and very explanatory texts about the habitats and wildlife on Islay. I had the pleasure to meet up with Teresa several times in spring. Teresa is fun to be with, she knows an awful lot about the island and its wildlife, she is very enthusiastic and she is a gifted photographer. I mentioned Teresa before on this blog, and that was during the wintertime when she sent me pictures of the wild Islay weather. Although Teresa's website has been launched earlier this year, the web shop is online since last week. Here you will find colour gloss prints, jigsaw puzzles, (Christmas) greeting cards and stretched canvas prints with the most beautiful Islay Wildscapes!

Enough of me now, Teresa was kind enough to write a wee introduction for this blog as well: "I have been working as a Chartered Environmentalist and Wildlife Photographer, in the field of Conservation and Land Management for 30 years within the northern uplands of Britain. During this time I have developed a passion for the very special nature of Islay which has inspired me to portray photographically Islay's intricate mosaic of habitats and associated wildlife of European importance. Every year I spend a significant amount of time on Islay as I have connections there. This has given me an opportunity over many years throughout all the seasons and weather conditions to invest endless hours in the field with my camera seeking interesting wildlife behaviour coinciding with optimum lighting conditions. Continue reading....Islay is a truly tremendous location to witness nature at its very best, especially with the annual migration of birds. I launched Islay Wildscapes in 2007 with the intention of sharing photographically, the interrelationships between habitats, wildlife, seasonal changes and weather conditions on Islay. The first series of images are Islay Seasonwatch to convey and pictorially reflect Islay’s constantly changing seasons. I have been developing the Islay Wildscapes website and online shop myself where you can see my work. For Christmas 2008 there is a new stunning range of Christmas Card images for Islay.

All Islay Wildscapes images are taken by myself. No colour filters have been used and none are digitally faked. Over the coming months I will be developing the Islay Wildlife and Habitats online resource for wildlife and habitats on Islay which will enable people to understand and enjoy more fully the tremendous biodiversity of the island."

The website will see more updates in the coming months so make sure you check every now and then for updates at! You will find Teresa's shop at and you can contact her at Also available is a beautiful PDF brochure.

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