Ten Earthquakes on Islay in a month

When you read the title you might start to think that things are getting out of hand on the island but not to worry, the earthquakes I'm referring to are nothing more than light and harmless tremors with a maximum magnitude of 2.8 on the Richter scale, nobody got hurt and there is no physical damage. It's also safe to mention here that the whisky on Islay hasn't suffered or should I say "shaken but not stirred". To give you an idea of the effect of an earthquake below 3.5 according to the Richter scale: "These kind of eearthquakes happen around 800,000 times a year and are usually only recorded by seismometers. 3.5 - 4.2 are just about noticeable indoors and the effect in a given region depends to a large degree on local surface and subsurface geologic conditions." The Campbeltown Courier had a nice article on the subject and they included a map with the earthquake locations on Islay. A quote:

Islay suffered its 10th earthquake in the last month early this afternoon, March 6 2012 at 12.26pm, which was felt at Bridgend. This latest was by no means the biggest of the recent tremors, at a magnitude of 1.4 on the Richter scale and an epicentre 9km below the earth. The British Geological Survey has reported: ‘Since the beginning of February, a sequence of at least nine small earthquakes has struck the island of Islay in Argyll. ‘The largest of the earthquakes had a magnitude of 2.8 ML (logorithmic measure), while two others had magnitudes in excess of 2.0 ML. Eight of the earthquakes were felt by local residents who reported that ‘the house trembled from side to side’,the ‘tin sheeted roof shook’ and that it felt like ‘a very large heavy track moving vehicle’. ‘The Islay earthquakes of February 2012 are relatively small and no damage would be expected from events of this size. Seismic activity in and around Islay is relatively low,although a number of magnitude 3+ events have occurred in recent times including a magnitude 3.4 earthquake off Jura in 1998.

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