Team Wiggle Tandem Official Launch

Earlier I wrote that something was brewing in the Old Byre Port Charlotte, home of Islay's wilderness guide Jeremy Hastings and his family. It wasn't only the fact that Jez and his family care a great deal about our environment and decided to get rid of their Land Rover which he exchanged for bikes. It was something else as well. To give you a clue I have to tell you a bit more about the man, something most of you probably don't know and perhaps wouldn't expect. Besides being a member of the velo club d'Ardbeg, in his younger years, sorry Jez, he was an endurance rider and raced in competitions. Jeremy has raced cyclocross, in Belgium, France and the UK. Along with completing the Paris Brest Paris on fixed wheel, Windsor Chester Windsor on a trike, Brevet Cymru, Brevet Randonee des Alpes, Raid Pyrenean and several longer German events too. Jeremy was also a member of the National 100km Trike Team. You can safely say that cycling is in his blood.

When Jez and David Harmon, professional cycling commentator and former race companion, got together some time ago they decided to ride London to Paris on fixed weel bikes, not just a normal racing bike but a very special one. Whilst racing from London to Paris they also raised funds for the Geoff Thomas Foundation which is a leukemia charity. Now the story doesn't end here, in fact the London to Paris ride marks the start of something quite extraordinary, a new challenge for Jez and David, a challenge that includes a tandem and breaking existing road records from which some stood for over half a century! Continue reading....

Breaking records isn't something you do on a rainy sunday afternoon when you feel like it. Breaking records is all about careful planning, it's about bringing the right people and equipment together and it requires 100% dedication and commitment from the whole team. Such a team can not exist without help, financially, from a strong sponsor and this is where Wiggle comes in. Wiggle is the UKs number one online bike shop and decided to become main sponsor which is how Team Wiggle Tandem was formed. They have built a team of 15 people, all dedicated to their task and with the aim to break records. To do that they use the latest bike technology and they need to make many training hours. Currently Jez and David train about 20 to 24 hours a week in all weather conditions. Rain, wind, ice and snow are no excuse to get enough training to try to beat the following records: Side to side - Pembroke to Gt Yarmouth - 380 miles under 17 Hours. Liverpool to Edinburgh in under 8 hours. 12 Hours - as many mile in that time! record is 279 at the moment. Later on they will also attack the End to End record, Land's End to John o'Groats which is 874 miles and Paris-Brest-Paris which is 745 miles. The official body that controls these records is the Road Records Association

Today, at noon on January the 21st 2010, Team Wiggle Tandem has been officially launched during a two hour press conference in the Charlotte Street Hotel, London. And now that it is official you will hopefully be able to read more about their upcoming record attempts. To follow both David and Jez you can check out their Team Twitter account or you can follow them individually. For Jez visit and for David go to All that's left for me is to wish the both of them a lot of success and fingers crossed that they really break these records.

Rocket 1 - The tandem revealed at the team lauch.

Team Wiggle Tandem Shirt.

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