Snow rain and tears in the Cote d'Azur

Jeremy Hastings: I was really really looking forward to training with David in Nice. We had been invited to join a pro training camp based at the great Tour De France, Giro D'italia and World Champion, Stephen Roche's hotel and it meant we were to have some quality, dry hard miles in the Alpes Maritimes. Fabulous!

Sadly David was still carrying his injury from the crash he sustained in Snowdonia. Luckily enough our team soigneur and remedial masseur, Peta McSharry, had also come out to administer health and well being and ride with is as well. You will, if you have been following this crazy story, know already that David's achilles did not magically self fix and after a wee ride out at the start of the camp it had become obvious that the injury was much more serious than we all thought. Continue reading....

The riding therefore has become solo this past week and after the hard rouleuring in Nice which also took us to Monaco, Italy and of course San Remo I have spent five days in the Corbierres. That is the region between Toulouse and the Mediterranean. It has been dry but very windy. I have been tired but sleeping well, being looked after by great hosts, who ate well and enjoyed laughter song and great coversation . They are professional musicians and dancers. Great food, good company and a fantastic time. My digs are in their 16th century gatehouse overlooking the river Orbieu.

I used to live in this region so know the roads well and can pick and choose whether it will be hard, hilly, rolling or whatever our super team coach, Colin Batchelor, has set us. Road surface are excellent and traffic very little. Days start cloudy but by afternoon the sun is shining a well warm 14C, so very comfortable indeed. I have been doing 5 plus hours a day- originally it was supposed to be up to 12 but what with David's injury and the first attempt postponed, Colin has pulled us back on the miles.

So I headed west and the rest of team wiggle tandem headde home. I ended in a fabulous part of France, quiet roads, stunning scenery and great food. What more could an cyclist require? It was had being without an equippe and I was tired but got out and rode - rode well and succesfully . Measuring my wattage output and energy usage. It was good. It was also good seeing my dear French friends - to be able discuss weight/food issues with them. As dancers they share the same passion for weight/food balance so it was no surprise to them that we still had lots in common!

It was nice to be able to be part of a diffent nature too with kingfishers, early martins arriving, montagues harriers and egrets too.

Soon it was time to get on the train and all too quickly to leave the relative warmth - 14degrees - and head for the snowy hills of Scotland and eventually Islay and home. The Endura boys were heading south to race in Murcia, Spain - the big time for our young Scottish pro team. It's been a long time for all of us but a worthwhile journey all the same.!

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