Missed Tarbert on your way to Islay?

I read a funny article today in the Herald about Tarbert, or better, about Carse. Now I hear you thinking.... If you drive with satnav from Glasgow to Kennacraig and follow the instructions blindly you are likely to miss Tarbert, one of Argyll's nicest villages. A little before Tarbert you are directed from the A83 to the B8024 and just after Tarbert, near the hotel, you get back on the A83 again. The same thing happens when you return from Kennacraig to Glasgow. I noticed it myself a couple of times on the way back that my satnav system told me to go left just before Tarbert, which I didn't do of course because I know the way. Clearly an error in the satnav software and/or maps. Now there is even more to this story because Tarbert doesn't even appear on Google Maps, at least not under the name Tarbert, but under the name Carse. It almost looks like some sort of conspiracy, hence the article in the Herald, I quote: Continue reading....

With its setting on the shores of Loch Fyne, it is one of the prettiest villages in Scotland. But trade in Tarbert, Argyll, is suffering because satellite navigation systems (satnav) have put it off the map. Instead, potential customers heading for the ferry terminal to Islay are being steered around the village. Ian MacIntyre, chairman of Mid Argyll Chamber of Commerce, said: "We are extremely concerned at the inaccuracies of some of these systems, especially as we are coming into the tourist season. This is a concern for traders but also for people living on that Glenralloch road. It is a single track road and never designed to bypass Tarbert. "It used to be a nice quiet road, with virtually no traffic, used for walking and recreation, but satnav systems have been picking it out as the shortest route to the ferry. Cars are speeding and one lady said she counted 40 cars in an hour the other day."

The supplier of the maps, Tele Atlas, promised to investigate the claims but it will take a considerable while before the error is corrected and also before everyone received an update with new maps on their satnav system. In my opinion the council should put up a sign somewhere on the A83 before and after Tarbert to tell people NOT to take that road but visit Tarbert instead, It would be a shame if you miss out on this picturesque little village on your way to Islay!

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