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Sunrise over Loch Indaal Islay

I consider myself very lucky to live metres away from Loch Indaal and to witness some amazing sunrises throughout the year. This time of year is the best time for me to photograph them as they're not so early as in June when the sun rises around 4am. In the last years we have seen so many sunrises and not one is the same. Today we had another fabulous sunrise, a very special one I might add. The magic happened when the sun was crawling from behind the hills and reflected its light on the Loch Indaal Lighthouse, it was so beautiful. I have tried to capture some of the views during this stunning Islay Sunrise for you. I hope you enjoy them.

Loch Indaal Lighthouse and Paps of Jura before Sunrise

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Seagull flying at sunrise

Loch Indaal Lighthouse and Sunrise

Sun reflecting on Loch Indaal Lighthouse

Sunrise over Loch Indaal

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