Storms on Atlantic bring Winter and Huge Swell to Islay

Brian Palmer always tells me that winter on Islay starts after the Islay show in August. This year however this is not really the case. The autumn has seen some very nice weather all the way up to early December. It's only since a few days that the weather patterns are drastically changing and already yesterday and today saw squally hail showers leaving some white patches of hail here and there. In the meanwhile there is a huge winter storm brewing on the Atlantic which will bring us high winds, rain, snow, hail and a huge Atlantic swell with waves well over 40 to 45 Feet.

The latter, the swell, can be beautifully followed via the Magic Seaweed website. Their website brings surf reports and surf forecasts for the surfers around the globe. They also bring animations of the projected swell for the entire globe and already they are referring to this weeks weather and ocean events as Black Wednesday Swell for North Atlantic. A quote from their website: "The North Atlantic is developing its first winter super storm. A rapidly deepening low pressure system is forecast to bottom out at 930 millibars and impact Northern Europe in the middle of next week " The surf height for Machir Bay on Islay during the storm is forecasted at 41ft with a peak around 3pm on Wednesday.

The Met Office has already issued a weather warning: "Severe gales may affect much of North Wales, Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland on Wednesday and at first on Thursday with a risk of storm force winds for parts of Western and Northern Scotland. In addition to winds, waves will be unusually high, bringing the risk of overtopping waves, particularly over western Scotland." Happy wave watching!

Patches of white after a hail shower on the beach at Kintra this morning

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