Stormcats Tope Fishing Festival August 2009

The Tope fishing festival weekend is traditionally held in wild weather and the 15-16th August this year proved no exception with force 6-7 winds gusting 50-60 mph. On the Saturday, a hardy bunch of sea anglers in over twenty boats set off from Bowmore Pier. Armed with lures of porridge oats and cod liver oil, the anglers were set to catch the 'big fish'. Unfortunately the big fish were not so obliging and with nothing more than a few runs on the line on Saturday and the weather drawing in, the competition was postponed until the next day.

Although the Sunday forecast was better the weather didn’t improve and boat numbers dwindled leaving just the hardiest to face down the conditions. Even though we deliberately set off early to catch the forecast calmer seas they did not materialise. The Tope were as elusive as the good weather, although we have reports of one making off with a fishing rod! The heaviest fish of the day was caught by Millie Mitchell (picture), a beautiful Lythe of 6lb 4 oz. Gus from StormCats would like to thank all the sea anglers who stuck it out through the difficult conditions, and also their kind sponsors who helped make it happen, the Tope Committee, Karen Cracknell and the Bowmore Harbour Association. Continue reading.....

If you have a boat, or know someone with one, our next Open Fishing Competition for any species is to be held on Saturday 12th September from Port Ellen. We cannot guarantee Tope but if one is caught then we will present the prize money from the last competition. There will be lots of other prizes including heaviest fish caught by adult, junior, lady and heaviest bag. You can enter on the day with fishing from 10-17.00. For further information please contact Gus Newman at Stormcats on 01496 300129 or by email at

Prizes for the Tope Competition: Heaviest fish other than a Tope; 1 Millie Mitchell Lithe 6lb 4oz – (rod and reel donated by Minty Cracknell and fuel voucher from John Conner.); 2 Hugh Campbell Lithe 2lb 6 oz (Bottle of Lagavulin & t-shirt); 3 Gillian MacAulay Mackerel 1lb 2 oz (Voucher for meal An Taigh Osda
Heaviest Bag: 1 Millie Mitchell 9lb 4 oz (£50 cash, t shirt); 2 Hugh Campbell (bottle of Laphroaig); 3 Annie Gredley (bottle of cava)
Ladies: Heaviest fish other than tope: 1 Gillian MacAulay (£50 from Islay Ales - and voucher for Lauries for heaviest mackerel.; 2 Annie Gredley (Islay Spirited Soaps gift bag)
Junior heaviest fish: 1 Millie Mitchell (voucher for Iain Laurie); 2 Brandon Forester (family golf lesson with Ron Goudie)

This story was published with kind permission of the Ileach local newspaper.

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