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When Gus and Nicola asked me if I could build a new website for StormCats within a short period of time I didn't think twice. To me StormCats is a great company, they build fantastic boats and I was very impressed last year when I saw the first pictures and video of the StormCat 950. This boat has a huge Wow factor and is unique in its kind. No wonder I was very enthusiastic to start this new project and finish it within the time limits set! I am therefore very proud to announce that the new website for StormCats is now ready. It's built around a solid and secure Content Management System and offers flexibility and scalability, just like the StormCats company needs. The new site shows all the StormCats boats through information, pictures and video and includes sections for boat news, events, coming soon and in stock. Furthermore the site has a comprehensive image gallery with slide show and 'send image as postcard' options, a Tope Fishing page and lot's of company (background) information. Nicola was kind enough to write some lines about StormCats and their new website too:

As you will see in the 'About StormCats' section of our new website, StormCats has been building boats on Islay since 2002, and when you come to Islay you will see our boats in almost every port. Our reputation has grown, and we have now built a variety of boats for clients throughout the U.K and Ireland. In the past we have attracted customers largely through word of mouth recommendations. Now however, with a comprehensive portfolio to match our reputation and enviable testing ground, we are looking towards the next leap into further expansion. Our first task for this of course, was to get a new website to replace our previous one. We are absolutely delighted with our new site: it not only shows off all our boats wonderfully, it is also easy to navigate, informative, and beautifully depicts the vibrant and active boating scene on Islay: stunning scenery, endless sporting and fishing family fun, and outstanding boats.

What more can I add to that? Have a look for yourself and find out about the new StormCats Website now.

The StormCat 950 by StormCats

The StormBreaker by StormCats

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