First Storm on Islay this Season

Last Sunday and today as well, seems we left just in time, the first serious storm hit the Isle of Islay with 54Mph winds and huge waves. This also meant disruptions to the Islay Ferry at the beginning of the winter schedule last Saturday. Teresa Morris of Islay Wildscapes, who we met several times last week, still is on Islay for one more week and confronted the high winds and showers today to capture the beauty of the wild and wet weather on Islay. She has been at Saligo Bay for more than five hours! Teresa said: "There was a high tide at 1000 but the gales held the tide in all day. It was a lot higher than it should have been. All day there was a continuous stream of squalls coming off the Atlantic. By 1400 it went very dark with purple sky then there was hail and sleet and gales. There was also several storm surges with huge volumes of water being pushed up the beach at Saligo." The pictures below speak for themselves, thanks very much Teresa!

More pictures.....

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