Storm Damage to Ramsay Hall and Crois Mhor Cottage Islay

Almost a week ago, in the early hours of Tuesday 3rd of Januray, a vicious storm battered the Isle of Islay causing lots of property damage, power outages, fallen trees and other problems. The worst hit was Ramsay Hall, the village hall in Port Ellen, as you can see from the pictures below which were kindly forwarded by Lindy MacLellan. It will take at least a few months or so before everything has been repaired and the fallen trees have been cleared. The power has been restored to all homes, some had to wait almost four days, but the most fortunate thing is that nobody got hurt, most people were still asleep or at home during the storm.

Severe damage to Ramsay Hall in Port Ellen

As you perhaps remember there was another storm on the 8th of December last year which caused less problems but this storm was responsible for the damage to the Tin Roof Cottage at Loch Gruinart, also known as Crois Mhor. A friend on Islay took some pictures after the first storm and he went back yesterday to see what the damage was after the last storm. As you can see the roof is now completely gone, it is a very sad sight and the view will never be the same again. It's especially weird for us because Jeremy Hastings was the one who brought us here for the first time many years ago and now that Jeremy has left Islay the roof has collapsed. Such is life I guess!

Crois Mhor cottage after the last storm.

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