Starting a New Chapter

After having spent most of our life in the Netherlands, our wee family came to Islay some six years ago to actually live on the island about which I’d been writing so much on my website since 2004.

Some time ago, however, we’ve decided that the time has come for us to begin a new chapter in another country, Germany.

Living the dream to stay, work and bring up our daughter on a remote Scottish Island was fantastic, it couldn't have been any better. We have learned so much about Islay and its fantastic people and we are still learning. It really takes time to properly understand how it all works here and some things will always remain a mystery to us. We feel very privileged and grateful that we had the chance to experience life on Islay and that we’ve been welcomed and accepted by the locals in such a wonderful way. We’ve made some really good friends whom we’re hoping to keep, even if we’re 900 miles away, as the crow flies.

All things considered, now is a good time for us for the “big move”: We’ll be moving to a place which brings us closer to our family and friends who are (just like us) not getting any younger and whom we've missed a bit too much in recent years. And we’ll be moving on to pursue new dreams and do other, and new, exciting things.

Annika will attend a bi-lingual High School and Ela has been offered a good job at her old playground, the gym, as a trainer, nutritionist and Yoga teacher.

For myself work won't change all that much. I will keep doing what I’ve loved doing all those years: promoting Islay as well as maintaining and building websites through Braveheart Web Design. Working in the digital world has the advantage of being able to work from any place on the planet, providing there is an internet connection!

Of course, we'll be coming back often to stay in touch and for our "Islay Fix". However, we are not gone yet. The official move will be somewhere in June or July but we will leave Islay at the end of March for a month or so to start the preparations for our new life.