Fabulous Stalking Video at Callumkill Estate Islay

Callumkill Estate is one of the smaller estates on Islay located north of Ardbeg Distillery, in the south-east of the island. In 2013 the estate changed hands when the MacGowns moved to Australia. The proud new owner is Florian Hansmann from Germany. The manager of the estate is Ileach Donnie MacNeill and he runs the place since 1993. In the video below you can see Donnie together with the author of German HALALI magazine Ilka Dorn, and a friend, stalking Red Deer on Callumkill Estate. It's an intriguing, sometimes intimate German spoken video, with stunning views of the southern part of Islay combined with the excitement of the hunt and two successful kills. Enjoy!

direct link to video on Youtube

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