Staff Changes at Islay's Newspaper The Ileach

Recently there have been some staff changes at the Ileach, Islay's fortnightly newspaper. Most regular readers know that their offices can be found at the top of Main Street in Bowmore and in the latest edition of the newspaper we could read more about these changes and about who is doing what inside the offices. "At the office, you will first meet pleasant and professional Alison, who serves customers, takes callers’ orders and phone calls, does photocopying or takes your passport photo for you. Maryanne and Clare attend to essential admin/bookkeeping, and Maryanne also supervises collation of the printed ‘Ileach’ newspaper. Brian is the lynchpin for ‘Ileach’ and general printing, graphics and text layout.

Marjory is the office manager and the ‘Ileach’s dauntless printer, printing the paper in-house, as well as printing leaflets, booklets, tickets etc for Islay and Jura events. The current editorial team is: Calum, a new Ed, his first issue out on 23rd February. Susan now works as Associate Editor, Hugh stays on as relief Ed, and Catherine will edit two issues this year.

‘Ileach’ Ltd is governed by a Board of Directors. We’re best known for publishing the community newspaper; essential reading for islanders and visitors.Though published every second Saturday, preparation goes on in the whole fortnight preceding publication. As a community newspaper, all with an interest in Islay and Jura island life are encouraged to submit items to the ‘Ileach’ for possible publication. The paper employs no reporters, depending for local interest articles on submissions from people in the islands which it serves. Please note that the ‘Ileach’ must pay its way via paid-for advertising, to be able to continue. If you fancy the written or PDF version of the Ileach please visit The staff can be contact by Telephone: 44 (0)1496 810355 and by email at

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