Spring at Islay House Community Garden

The weather this afternoon was gorgeous with plenty of sunshine and a light breeze, perfect weather for a stroll around the woods at Bridgend. The Bluebells are flowering, the trees are becoming rapidly greener and Islay House community garden looks very smart at the moment. So many plants and shrubs are flowering and the vegetables and herbs in the poly-tunnels look, and taste, delicious. Tom Skinner and his group of volunteers are working hard to plant, water and feed everything in time, they are doing an amazing job. I remember how the garden looked many years ago and is has undergone a huge transformation. It's a pleasure to stroll through the gardens, sit on one of the many benches and enjoy the many flowers and plants. Much to our surprise there were quite some vegetables and herbs for sale already, despite the rather cold spring we had. There will also be a plant sale next week, on Friday during the Islay House garden party, and on Saturday in the community garden itself. For more info and updates please visit their Facebook page

Flowering Rhododendrons

Overview of the Community Garden

Bluebells Galore

Beautiful Acers behind the poly-tunnels

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