Spring has Arrived on Islay

After a few days of planned leave from the blog it's time to check back in. And what a time it is, the weather is marvellous due to a high pressure area over the UK and it has never been this warm in spring given the recent Scottish record temps. A maximum temperature of 23.2C was recorded at Cromdale in Moray on Monday afternoon. Tuesday afternoon saw 23.6C seen at Aboyne. Closer to Islay Northern Ireland fell just short of beating its March maximum temperature record though. Giants Causeway reached 21.4C.

Daffodils in Gruinart Wood - Courtesy INHT

These kind of temperatures would be great in the summer but it's only March. The Islay Natural History Trust blog has numerous reports about nature in spring, the early primroses, the daffodils and the Geese preparing for their migration north, although recent counts on the 20th & 21st showed that there still are 46,412 Barnies and 4,309 Whitefronts. In the meanwhile the farmers are busy due to the lambing season.

Lambs basking in the spring sunshine.

Also James Deane was at Loch Gruinart to photograph the wildlife and Mark Unsworth has a beautiful close-up Daffodil series on his blog. For now the weather forecast looks pretty much unchanged, a welcome relief after the wet and grey winter.

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