Sound of Islay Panorama Pictures Autumn 2012

This week was Scotland Info week. As many of you know the Islay Info website is not my only website although it is, and will remain, the most important one for me. Every now and then however I have to go back to the other site and perform necessary updates to keep it attractive and informative for visitors.

In the last days I've updated the pages for Argyll and Bute, the Scottish Highlands, Fife and St Andrews and I'm most of all very pleased with the updated page for the Outer Hebrides - Western Isles which has many new images and will probably be most interesting for all you island lovers out there. Make sure to have a look here.

I've also been busy with a few new Islay Panorama Pictures from our last trip early last month. The two new panorama pictures were both taken at the Sound of Islay, one at dawn and the other one just before sunset, both in quite beautiful light conditions. Earlier, as in a few years ago, I had taken a panorama picture from the Sound of Islay at noon from almost the same position, which is near Bunnahabhain. As always the iconic Paps of Jura provide the perfect backdrop for pictures along this side of Islay. hope you like the new pictures, do allow some time to download please.

The Sound of Islay at Sunrise

The Sound of Islay later in the afternoon just before sunset

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