Snow on Islay Expected

While most countries in Europe suffer from severe cold with temperatures between -25 and -5 Degr Celsius and lots of snow, the situation on Islay is different, still.....

This afternoon the temperature will reach almost 8 Degr with sunshine in between a couple of showers. In the next days the temperatures will drop and most nights will see widespread frost and snow, perhaps lots of snow. If you take a look on the Met Office website you can see that severe weather warnings have been issued for tomorrow and Monday:

Winter and snow on Islay

There is a high risk of severe weather affecting parts of Northern Ireland and southwestern Scotland on Sunday and overnight into Monday morning. Heavy snow showers are likely to give accumulation of 5 to 10cm with a risk of 15 to 20cm over high ground. Some drifting is likely in strong winds. This could cause disruption to travel networks, especially across higher level routes.

In the run up to Christmas a nice blanket of snow will certainly add to the atmosphere, providing it will remain for a couple of days. It might even end up in a White Islay Christmas but since I'm not a weatherman you'd better ignore my predictions. One thing is certain though, when it does snow it's really nice and over the last couple of years I have tried to collect as much Islay snow images as possible. Most of them were sent by friends on Islay and I managed to take a couple myself when I was on Islay in march this year. In the slideshow above you can see all the Islay snow images, 36 in total. For a better quality view I can recommend the Islay Snow Images Album in the Media Gallery. If you want to share your Islay snow images with the other readers please be so kind and send them to me, I will include them in the album and the slide show. Thanks very much!

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