Small Isles Catering at Feolin on Jura

Big was our surprise when we visited the Isle of Jura in May to find a burger van on the side of the parking place at the Feolin Ferry. I must admit that it's a great idea and getting yourself a snack and a tee or coffee makes the waiting even more pleasant. Why didn't somebody think about that on Islay? Fact is that the new catering unit belongs to Grahame Petit who happens to live on Jura, in Craighouse, hence the location. It's by the way the same Grahame who runs Small Isles Photography and owns the gallery in the Feolin Ferry House. I wrote about him a while ago, when he still lived in Keills on Islay. Grahame offered us both a nice cup of coffee and we had a chat about his new venture called "Small Isles Catering", named after the beautiful bay opposite Craighouse on Jura. We didn't have much time for more conversation since the ferry arrived but Grahame promised me to send me some more information about his new catering bussiness.

This morning Grahame's email arrived and he gave me the following information: "The catering unit of Small Isles Catering is in full swing now and permently based at Feolin. We sell a variety of hot and cold drinks and hot and cold snacks. We can be contacted for any catering requirements on and our tel number is 07789441021. We are available for events & private functions etc. Our specialities include Cajun venison Wraps, home baked Muffins and Flapjacks, blue cheese mayo Burgers, garlic mayo Burgers etc etc. We are open Monday to Sunday 8am untill 6pm and we can also provide packed lunches for walkers and visitors. My business partner is Stephen Prust who is the financial aspect and hard working partner in this venture!" Good luck Grahame and Stephen, well done!!

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