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Sketch Islay Workshop

Quite frequently I'm asked by folk who come to Islay for the whisky if it's a good idea to bring their partners and/or children. And just as often I says yes, of course, there is so much more to do on Islay than visiting distilleries, just have a look at our activities page and you'll know what I mean. So yes, bring your family and if you come to Islay during the whisky festival, end of May, there is perhaps something else that they can do if they're interested in drawing or painting.

Dietmar, a friendly chap from Germany, started visiting Islay fifteen years ago, painting Islay subjects, which he also has sold and exhibited on Islay. This year he will be hosting a workshop called “Sketch Islay” which will be held on the 25th and 26th of May. Dietmar plans to tour the island with the participants and sketch in villages, the countryside or inside distilleries. Participants should bring their own plain air supplies and materials. The cost for this workshop is £110. If you're interested please contact Dietmar by email dietmar@fingerpainting.de or visit his website www.fingerpainting.de

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