Sixteen Great New Islay Panoramas

This was one of those jobs I kept pushing forward since May this year. And I have waited until the year was almost over, literally in the last few days, to finally finish it. But now that I'm ready I'm really happy to present you the result. Sixteen great new Islay Panoramas, from Port Ellen to the Isle of Texa and from Orsay Island to the Machrie and Kilchiaran Bay. I don't like to pat myself on the back, sorry for that, but I have to say that some of them are magnificent, as you will hopefully find out for yourself. I have included a few Islay panoramas below but I really advice you to go over to the new Islay Panoramas Page and view all of them. You will enjoy the new page, I'm sure of that!

Port Ellen From the Oa

Kilchiaran Bay

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