Site Visit Islay Community Wind Turbine

When we drove over the High Road yesterday, Friday the 17th of October, we noticed that the tower and nacelle, the conical part in the top of the turbine which houses the generator, were up. With the weather being very nice today we decided to hike up the track from Glenegedale to the site of the Islay Community Wind Turbine for a closer look and some pictures.

We had parked the car near Build Base on the High Road. The site access road is a few hundred metres back towards Bowmore and the distance to the site is almost 2 miles, a most pleasant walk due to the lovely weather. However, this is scenery wise not the most interesting part of Islay. North from the track further down to the turbine is a large black area without any vegetation which looks like peat has been extracted without replacing the grassy top layer.

On our way to the turbine we saw the workmen digging a trench in the peaty soil next to the track for the thick red power cable. At the site itself you can see how high the turbine really is. Quite interesting to see were the three blades which were still on the ground, fifteen metres each. I had an interesting chat with one of the German engineers from Enercon GMBH, the German company based in Aurich who are installing the turbine. These engineers travel all over the world and have recently been as far as Romania, Norway, Sweden and Canada. The largest turbines they install at the moment are 150 metres high with blades of almost 50 metres. Continue reading....

The Islay turbine is a lot smaller. The height of the tower is 44 metres and the blades are 15 metres each. The total weight of the nacelle, generator and blades is 300 tonnes. The output will be 330KW which, on average, will generate electricity equivalent to the yearly consumption of around 300 homes. As soon as the engineers have two good days of weather with only little wind, they will insert the blades in the housing (pitch drive) and install everything with a crane in one go. Based on the current weather forecast that will likely take place around the end of next week, 23 or 24 October. To be continued....

The three 15 metre long blades

The Enercon engineers on site

Digging the trench for the cable

The cable for the grid connection

View from the turbine site over the track to the High Road

Lower part of the Tower

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