A Short Walk at Carraig Fhada Islay

One of my favourite short walks with nice views of Port Ellen and Kilnaughton Bay is the walk to Carraig Fhada Lighthouse and the Singing Sands. This walk is also great with kids! You can start from Port Ellen or park closer by near Kilnaughton Graveyard. The walk along the bay towards the lighthouse can offer beautiful views as well as unexpected encounters with Otters, Seals and other wildlife. Yesterday we saw a large group of Feral Goats, a smaller flock of four Eider ducks making their funny sounds (Listen here) and we saw a couple of Mute Swans.

Carraig Fhada Lighthouse under a hazy sky

Feral Goats near the Singing Sands

Eider Ducks - Three males and one female

Mute Swans

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