Shore Fishing on Islay

I'm not a fisherman myself although you can find me a few times a year near the water's edge with a fishing rod, not so much to catch anything but more to enjoy the feeling of staring over the water and enjoying everything that is living on or near it. This fishing I do is done inland although I actually live near the sea. There is also another kind of fishing, from the beach, standing on the shore or wading in the surf, which is called Surf Fishing or Shore Fishing and is usually done in saltwater. The only time I was fishing from the shore was on a calm evening at Loch Gruinart, a couple of years ago, trying to catch Sea Trout, but the Midgies had the better of us so we were forced to leave.

Shore fishing on Islay

Last week I found a blog from Gordon Hamilton, a freelance writer from Lanarkshire, writing about a Sea Fishing trip on Islay. Not a trip he made himself but one by friends of his: "All previous posts on this blog have related to fishing trips I have personally undertaken. Last weekend, however, friends of mine were part of a group heading to Islay for a weekend's sea fishing and were kind enough to provide me not only with details of the trip but also the quality photographs." Continue reading....

Yesterday Gordon published part two in which he wrote: "While the inland freshwater lochs and rivers are hugely popular with trout fishermen and boat fishing on the sea is equally popular, there is a distinct comparative lack of interest in beachcasting and other types of shore fishing." He continues by saying that there is little information available on Islay shore fishing and that you basically have to study the terrain and find your own spots. From what I understand Loch Gruinart can be a good spot for shore fishing and perhaps Loch Indaal is just as good, that I don't know.

Gordon ends in Part two: "So shore fishing on Islay day one went down as a definite success and the group headed out for a wee dram or two that night looking forward to what would hopefully be an equally successful second day, with a number of different fish species on the agenda." As Gordon writes on his blog, there will be a part three as well so if you're interested in the follow-up and want to read the full blog posts make sure to visit

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