Second Silo Taken down at Port Ellen Maltings

After the first silo at Diageo's Port Ellen Maltings collapsed in the early hours of Friday last week, the second silo was taken down as well due to the fact that this one was damaged by the collapse of the first silo and became instable. At this moment the main road is still closed and there is a lot of police on the scene, I don't think Islay has seen so many policemen on the island at the same time before.

The pictures below, in chronological order, tell the complete story. They were taken by Yvonne Anderson who lives close by. Thanks Yvonne.

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Spirit of Islay

Monday, 17 November 2008
WOW ! that's worse than what i thought , i would have thought HSE would have closed the plant down completely so no malt would be released .

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Monday, 17 November 2008

It's a bit vague to me what the current status is. As far as I know Diageo hasn't come out with a statement (yet) about the short and long term operations and/or the accident itself. I expect some more news though tonight or tomorrow and will update the article accordingly!

The birds will have a good start of the winter though :-)

I'd rather be on Islay :-)