Scotch: The Golden Dram - Film Featuring Islay

Scotch: The Golden Dram, a revealing feature documentary on how Scotch whisky became the premiere spirit of choice around the globe, will be released in UK and Irish cinemas on March 8 by Parkland Entertainment and Munro Films. This follows the film’s European premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival on 1 March. Islay, and Jim McEwan, feature heavily in the film. The distilleries of Bruichladdich, Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Ardbeg are all included.

The film marks director-producer Andrew Peat’s feature-length documentary debut, a passion project for the American filmmaker who studied at St Andrew’s University in Scotland. Andrew Peat says, “I am absolutely delighted to bring our film to UK and Irish audiences. The heart of our film is the characters, the men and women who produce Scotch whisky, from the barley farmers to the bottle makers. And you can literally see the passion and joy and pride they have in their work and this world-renowned product. They share their amazing stories, and some very humorous anecdotes. It’s a very educational film (you learn the entire process of whisky making), but at the same time it’s a film of the heart. You will laugh and possibly cry by the time the credits roll.” Continue reading...

A viewer wrote the following review on imdb: "It's a very well structured film both informative and entertaining. It is a good balance between the processes that bring whisky together, along with the people and the landscape. It is beautifully filmed and holds the viewer's interest, despite being one of the longer documentary type films I've seen on the subject, approx. 90 minutes. A very interesting, informative and enjoyable movie about Scotland and Scotch whisky."

Scotch: The Golden Dram Official Trailer

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