The memorial near Sanaigmore Bay

When you drive from Carnduncan to Sanaigmore Bay on the B8018 and park at the road end you will find this monument. The monument is erected to commemorate the Irish victims that were killed in 1847 when the "Exmouth of Newcastle" was wrecked on the Islay coast. The text on the monument is in Gaelic (below), not my best language i'm afraid, but I happen to know someone who knows his way around in the Gaelic language and he was kind enough to supply me with a translation:

This memorial is dedicated to the memory of 241 Irish emigrants who lost their lives on the 28th April 1847, when the brig 'The Exmouth of Newcastle' out of Derry and bound for Quebec Canada at the time of the great famine, was wrecked on the N/W coast of Islay. 108 bodies, mostly women and childeren (63 under the age of 14, and 9 infants) were recovered and are buried under the soft green turf of Traigh Bhan.

May their souls rest forever in the Peace of Christ.

Gaelic Text on the monument: T�gadh an leacht seo i gcuimhne na 241 deora� �ireannach a cailleadh ar an 28� l� d'aibre�n 1847, nuair a briseadh an long the exmouth of newcastle ar an toabh thiar thuaidh d'lle agus � ar a bealach � dhoire cholmcille go qu�bec ceanada, le linn an drochshaoil, fuarthas 108 corr�n-mn� agus f�ist� a mbunus (63 acu faoi bhun 14 bliana d'aois agus 9 naioman) - agus cuireadh iad faoi mhachaire glas na tr� b�ine, mar a luionn slad inniu faoi shuaimhneas agus faoi shiochain bhuan chriost.

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