Saligo Bay Islay

Islay has so much beautiful scenery and views and one of the finest views, in my opinion, is when you're standing on the dunes and overlook Saligo Bay, especially on a warm and sunny day. When a soft sea breeze is blowing gently in your face and when you smell the slightly salted clean air you immediately feel so much better. At that very moment you realise that this is perhaps one of the most beautiful views in the west of Scotland, even more so when you consider that the light is particularly beautiful, from early morning till late in the evening when the sun sets. Saligo Bay can be found on Islay's Atlantic west coast, west from Loch Gorm. I have tried to capture the atmosphere in this panorama picture knowing of course that the best place to admire all this is to stand where I stood when I took the pictures. If you can't make it to Islay in the future, or never have been to Islay, I hope this is a wee compensation for the real thing. If you are going to Islay make sure to visit Saligo Bay, you won't regret it!

Saligo Bay Panorama - Click on the image for the large version

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