Saligo Bay to Ballinaby and Loch Gorm Islay Panorama

With Jeremy away to the mainland this weeks nature report will hopefully arrive tomorrow, that's why I thought it would be nice to share another Islay panorama with you. It's quite an unusual panorama because it captures the view from Saligo Bay and the Atlantic Ocean to Smaull Farm and further east to Ballinaby, the Paps of Jura and even Loch Gorm. It's unusual because the rain shower that's visible on the left is the same rain shower that you see on the right while in the middle it's dry and sunny. It gives you an idea of how changeable the weather on Islay can be and I love it. Other interesting features in the picture are the "Sydney Opera Rocks" north of Saligo bay, the Ballinaby Standing Stone with its length of almost five metres and even Carnduncan is visible under the dark clouds. The image below shows only a part of the panorama. When you click on it you can see the full panorama. More Panorama Images are available from Islay Panorama page one and Islay Panorama page two. Enjoy!!

Saligo Bay Ballinaby and Atlantic
Click on the image for the full panorama

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