RSPB Springwatch Follow Up

The Ileach was at the RSPB Loch Gruinart Nature Reserve last week to meet Michael Copleston the new Wildlife Information/Tourism Officer, a post that has been created with the support of The Nadair Fund. Michael’s brief is to build on the good promotional work done by Simon King and the BBC Springwatch team whose month on the island provided the viewing public with a very positive view of the wildlife spectacles that Islay has to offer. He reports that there has already been a healthy increase in the number of people visiting the reserve and going on the guided walks on the Oa (Tuesday mornings) and at Loch Gruinart (Thursday mornings).

Michael and the team at the RSPB are also keen to improve the access and viewing possibilities at various points on the reserve which will further enhance the visitor experience. Another plan in the pipeline is to extend an invitation to local people who may wish to find out more about working on a conservation-oriented farm. More details will become available soon. Further details about the walks can be obtained by phoning 850505.

This story was published with kind permission from The Ileach - Community Newspaper of the year.

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