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Roe Deer Galore on Islay

We had a good week on Islay with sunshine, hardly any wind and low temperatures. The kind of winter weather anyone hopes for but which was absent during the entire winter. This winter has been quite bad with large amounts of rainfall, resulting in a lot of water on the fields, and very little sunshine. A few farmers I talked to told me this was the worst winter they have experienced so far. All the more reason to enjoy the weather when it's good and although the temperatures were around 7 celsius it felt a bit like spring, especially now that the days are getting so much longer.

This afternoon we went for a walk around Portnahaven and Claddach and just to be on the safe side I brought my camera with 400mm tele lens. It turned out to be a very good decision as it was "Roe Deer Galore" today. In one field we spotted 2 Roe Deer Bucks, the males, and 8 Does, the females. Roe Deer are quite common on Islay and I'm always very pleased to see them as they are such lovely and elegant animals. Anyway, to keep a long story short, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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