Roaming Around Islay and Jura

I always love to read about other people's travel experiences. It doesn't necessarily have to be about Islay though, I love to read about the whereabouts of Pete McCarthy, specially in McCarthy's Bar, Heinrich Harrer's Seven Years in Tibet or Michael Palin's adventures are great to read as well. But when I find someting about Islay it immediately attracts my attention. A while back I found a new blog called Roaming, mainly about Scotland, with the first few posts about Islay and Jura. The author describes the blog as follows: "This blog is about our travels and foodie experiences, mostly around Scotland but also abroad. The focus is on great hospitality, unique and memorable moments (at least to us!), the friendly and quirky people out there and just stuff we've enjoyed." So far their only writings on the blog are about Islay and Jura, typically the places where you find the things they write about in their blog description! continue reading....In their first post they write very positive about the new hotel in Bruichladdich: "We stayed in the lovely an taigh-osda (literally 'The Hotel') in Bruichladdich. It's just opened but already feels like a well-established...establishment. Owners Paul and Joan know Islay really well (Paul's an Islay native) and they've completely renovated the building, making a beautiful but comfortable hotel with stunning views over Lochindaal." Paul and Joan will be pleased to read this. They furthermore write about the "Islay Wave" and the fact that they were offered a lift without asking, something that happened to us as well. It shows the friendliness of the Ilich towards visitors and makes them come back over and over again. I liked the picture of the seal in Port Ellen getting hand-fed by a fisherman. You can see more of their pictures on Flickr

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