The Road to Port Askaig Islay

A few weeks ago I'd posted a few pictures on Facebook of the old and new road to Port Askaig, locally known as the Port Askaig Brae. It's a part of Islay I like a lot and it's also a view that constantly changes during the day due to changing light conditions. When I posted a picture of the "old road", the road before the present one, someone mentioned that he could still remember the road before that one. When I was going through my collection of old Islay Postcards I found one of the very old road to Port Askaig. The three different time periods make a nice comparison of how things, the road mostly, have changed over the years. Like someone said on Facebook, the frame has changed but the views over the Sound of Islay to Port Askaig have remained the same.

From top to bottom: The first image shows the black and white view around the 1940s, the second and third image the coloured view around the 1970s and the last one is from 2010 after a part of the hillside was blasted away to allow the road to be widened and to reduce the grade.

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