Ride of the Falling Rain

It had long been the aim of Velo Club d’Ardbeg to congregate enough cyclists that would constitute a mobile traffic jam. For while this year has seen unprecedented numbers of cyclists visiting the island, amalgamating them all in one peloton is something that is probably not going to happen. However, on the first Sunday of August in 2007, twenty-seven cyclists met outside Debbie’s Café to undertake a 100 mile ride around the island. Due to day-long rainfall (hence the title), not all covered such a distance, but most gave it a darned good try. So we’re doing it again this year. If you fancy attempting the distance, or even a part thereof, join us once again on Sunday 3rd August, at Debbie’s in Bruichladdich for a 10am start, whether it’s raining or not. Unlike the majority of cyclo-sportives these days, the Ride of the Falling Rain has no entry fee, no feed stops (other than a visit to the Old Kiln Café at approximately half-distance), no timing, and no prizes. Just a local celebration of the art of cycling and mobile conversation for most of a day. We do respectfully ask that, if possible, you collect sponsorship monies on behalf of the Braveheart Fund, a charity which aims to support young Scottish cyclists in their possible careers. Other than that, turn up with bicycle, food and water, and probably waterproofs. Further details can be had from www.rideofthefallingrain.net, e-mail puddles@rideofthefallingrain.net or call on 01496 810 653 in the evening.

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