Ride of the Falling Rain 2012

A new year and a new chance for some of you cycling enthusiasts out there, me included, to join the increasingly popular Ride of the Falling Rain on Islay. Brian Palmer, the brains behind the ride, sent out a newsletter which I'm also publishing below in case you missed it earlier.

Brian: it seems like only five months ago since we were all milling about outside debbie's intent on covering as many kilometres around the principality as time and fitness would allow. yet here we all are looking forward to more of the same in 2012. in keeping with tradition, the ride takes place on the first sunday of august which, in this case is august 5th. with a possible conflict of interest on the saturday, i'll refrain from making any unrequited claims as to any activities planned for that particular day.

however, all will proceed as per regulations on the sunday: we're off to pedal 100 miles or 162.5 kilometres (kilometres are much quicker) leaving from debbie's bruichladdich at 10am and returning to same having interrupted our pedalling at ardbeg distillery. if you'd like to join us, feel free. Continue reading.....

as has become my mantra for the last goodness knows how many years, if you intend joining us, please make sure that you book any necessary accommodation sooner rather than later. islay, for one reason or another (well, eight very good reasons actually) has been getting busier and busier in each successive year, and with the ardbeg half marathon taking place on the fourth, hotel and guesthouse accommodation will be at a premium. it is august after all. since last year, however, one of the larger guesthouses in bowmore has experienced a resurgence and is now available for booking. if this might suit you, add The Bowmore House to your list of available possibilities. Make sure to take the earliest opportunity to book a ferry, particularly if travelling over by car. For the latest info visit www.rideofthefallingrain.net

Happy cycling greetings from Islay

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